A business, IT and technology solutions consultancy


use a smarter and innovative approach to creating a solution to your business needs.

understand that the purpose of the solution, is to satisfy a business requirement.

apply principles of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) to build more user friendly interfaces, which ensures better usability and adoption by users.

use efficient development cycles to help manage delivery and expectations.

About Us

NRC UK is a Business and Technology Solutions Consultancy, offering advice and solutions to enable large or small organisations to achieve strategic and operational objectives and efficiencies.

We recognise that different organisations have common types of goals, be they to increase public awareness, financial savings and profits, or implement efficiencies.

Our experience with different organisations enables us to help clients with new challenges whether common to others or original and unique.

The breadth of our experience covers a broad range of disciplines including:

  • Accounting and Financial
  • Project Management
  • IT Networking and Infrastructure
  • IT Design and Development
  • Software Engineering using appropriate methodologies
  • Desktop, Server and Web applications
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • eCommerce and eServices
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